Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder Card Generator

Frontend by @Ripp_ and coandco
(hacked by @LatentLogic to create this github version.)

Feel free to check out and fork the source on github. Please open any issues you find on the bug tracker, or email any feedback to
Note: The artwork URL must start with one of the following for export to work:,, or

Symbols and Powers Guide:
(3-Way Swap)
(New Goal)
Counts as ⚤
Counts as 2 Ponies
{double pony}
Love Poison
{love poison}
Keyword Change
{keyword change}
Gender Change
{gender change}
Race Change
{race change}
Timeline Change
{timeline change}
Play From Discard
{play from discard}
(Symbols and powers update when you deselect the field. Powers add the whole description to the card. Hover over each power for its full description.)